Mission and Vision

Acting as a one-stop hub for High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, industry professionals, experts, and the wealth community, we work with strategic stakeholders (such as government agencies and other related industry associations) to represent and help shape the private wealth scene in Singapore.

The pillars of our mission as an association are:

  • Education and awareness
    We promote the interests of private investors, Family Offices and wealth community by advancing industry dialogue and shaping policies on regulations, risks, tax and business issues.
  • Philanthropy and inter-generational wealth
    We adopt a focus on being of help to others, functioning as a channel for philanthropic efforts towards organisations that engage in social changes.

As a non-profit industry group, we support the growth of Singapore as a private wealth hub with strategic stakeholders in banking, legal, trust, tax and professional services. We aim to be the stepping stone for High Net Worth Individuals, from seeking knowledge to discovering and participating in a network for dialogue and opportunities related to private wealth management.

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