Our History

The competitive Singaporean economy is prospering, and the private wealth community of our Little Red Dot is following in its footsteps, thriving and constantly seeking avenues of growth. The World Economic Forum in 2014 ranked Singapore as a close second after Switzerland as the most competitive economy in the world.

Alongside regional counterparts such as Hong Kong and Japan, Singapore has seen impressive progress as the world’s top wealth management centre, and it plays a part in shifting the balance of global economic power from the Western world to the Eastern side of the globe.

Even within the region, Singapore is set to snag the spot as Asia’s Wealthy Hub from Tokyo in less than a decade, as the dynamic and fast-paced financial centre in Asia is said to potentially hold the most Ultra High Net Worth Individuals in 2023.

Thus began our pursuits in creating the Private Wealth Association, where we invite High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, industry professionals and experts alike to explore a professional network of:

  • People
  • Knowledge
  • Resources

The Private Wealth Association operates within a circle of trust, laying bricks upon the foundations of reputation and professional conduct. Within these parameters, together with the vast knowledge put together by experts in their own right from the industry, the Private Wealth Association formed with one goal in mind: to build the private wealth hub of Asia.

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